Customized to your specific needs, our extensive five-session course of study features one-on-one meetings with your coach, homework, and reading assignments. So, if you are dedicated to your goal—and to improving your dating success—you must be willing to commit at least two hours per week.


In this session, we’ll go over all (yes, all) your past relationships, including those you observed growing up. We’ll review things like how long your relationships lasted, how you met, why you dated them, and why you broke up. The goal is to dig deep and figure out the characteristics you liked about each of them and what you did not like—with the goal of mapping out your patterns. We’ll figure out whether your relationship history reveals a negative pattern, after which we will figure out a plan for breaking any negative pattern(s) and developing a new healthy pattern.


Want to be memorable? For a good reason? Your personal brand expresses who you are and sets you apart from the rest of the singles in your area—otherwise known as your competition.


By taking a careful look at your current style, we’ll be able to see if your idea of “proper dating attire” is more likely to attract an ideal match or scare them off. We also need to be sure your style presents your personal brand effectively. If needed, and this part is optional, we’ll refer you to a trusted hair and makeup specialist and/or a personal shopper to teach you how to maintain a fresh, eye-popping new look.

Your Personal Style Coach
Photos Shoots


To be sure that your online profile photos accurately portray you and your personal brand to potential matches—in the best possible light—we’ll send you on a professional photo shoot. After all, online dating etiquette means your photos must actually look like you!


Professional profiles, online dating profiles, social media profiles—what should stay and what should go to create a better all-around image of yourself.

Online Profile Makeover

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