And that, on the two biggest internet dating sites alone, there are 35 million profiles? So it's true — there really are “a lot of fish in the sea.”

But do you have the right stuff to bait the right fish — and keep from dating the wrong ones (no matter how cute)?

Whether you're strictly an offline dating kind of person or have written and rewritten (and rewritten) your internet dating profile, finding a good match can seem like a full-time job.

And it actually is a full-time job for Date Coaching Academy's highly skilled dating coaches, who live to guide you through finding, flirting with, and building a fabulous relationship.

Interested in our Date Coaching Program?  We work with professional singles seeking help with on-line dating.  If you’re going to internet date, you need to hire a personal dating coach to help you!

It is like having a dating life coach providing dating tips in real-time.  Yes dating coaches really work.  They act as a dating counselor and provide invaluable help along the way to finding the love of your life. 

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Date Coaching Services

At Date Coaching Academy, our professional matchmakers and dating industry veterans know all too well that dating and relationships are complex. We also understand that it's easy to develop bad habits — and not so easy to break them. Moreover, if you're going on a lot of dates but getting nowhere, the one common denominator is you. You. You. You. You. (Honesty is our best policy…)

Hiring a dating coach may just be one of the best things you can do for your personal life — whether you're newly single or feeling like you're way past your expiration date.

Everyone knows how important it is to do a good job of presenting oneself on dates. But what if you only think you're doing a good job — and don't know what exactly is holding you back from getting into the relationship of your dreams.

That's where we come in. Your dating coach will diagnose your blind spots and make your dating life much less frustrating. We provide date coaching for men, women, divorcees, and widows.

So, if you want to move forward in your personal life, let Date Coaching Academy be your guide!